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Our Committment to Sustainability

We work exclusively with lumber that has been sustainably harvested from Canadian forests, crafting products that last a lifetime while respecting each tree and forest every piece of lumber is harvested from.

While we are proud of our achievements, we will always continue honing our sustainable furniture practices. As woodworkers, we understand our responsibility as forestry stewards, honouring and protecting Canada’s forests. 

What is sustainable forestry?

Sustainable forestry harvests trees in areas that create the light and space required for smaller trees and saplings to grow and prosper in their place, creating a healthy cycle of new growth and supply for Canadian forests.

Our suppliers

Supporting sustainable forestry is at the core of our harvest and supply decisions when crafting eco-friendly furniture.

Our hardwood material is harvested from Canadian forests and purchased directly from Canadian-owned mills and lumberyards. These partners use sustainable forestry practices and value the importance of the Canadian forestry industry.

Our process

We are manufacturing a craft. We know this sounds like a contradiction, but it is our guiding principle.

Many of the practices deployed by our craftspeople mimic that of centuries ago. We stay true to that history when integrating the benefits of modern technology. We fine-tune this balance of craft and technology to reduce waste.

Windsor Tree Program

We’ve partnered with Tree Canada to plant five trees for every furniture order we receive.

Tree Canada is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments in every province across the country.

They are 100% Canadian-focused, with all proceeds going to responsible reforestation supporting the Canadian lumber and forestry industry harvest initiatives.

Tree Canada also partners with local Indigenous communities and organizations to support sustainable practices on tribal lands.

Learn more about Tree Canada

Windsor SmallCraft

Small objects that take inspiration from everyday life.

As craftspeople driven by our passion for creating, we find joy in creatively reworking end cuts and leftover material from furniture making into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

We have brought this initiative to Windsor Workshop in an eco-friendly collection called SmallCraft. Through this project, we aim to maximize the use of the natural resources we consume.

SmallCraft takes inspiration from everyday life and provides the perfect natural accent to any space or occasion. While we offer some regular products like our fire starters, cutting boards and pizza peels, you never know what other one-of-a-kind pieces our team will develop next.

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Windsor Firestarter

We use all of our lumber, right down to the sawdust.

While we endeavour to remain as zero-waste in our products as possible, sawdust is an inevitable byproduct of our craft.

Sawdust is messy, challenging, and sometimes dangerous to store. But, we’ve found the fine shavings that come off our planer and jointer make excellent fire starters.

After sifting out fine sawdust, we mix our hardwood jointer and planer shavings with natural beeswax to make slow-burning fire starter pucks. These pucks are perfect to use in wood-burning fireplaces in your home and are convenient enough to take on the road to the cottage or camping for an evening bonfire.

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