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Materials & Finishes

Sometimes furniture design is not about form and function but also the artistry of selecting the perfect finish to bring out the character and personality of each piece.

We offer a diverse selection of wood finishes, paints, and stains to achieve your desired aesthetic. Whether you choose the bold, vibrant look of paint or the timeless elegance of a wood stain, both options offer protection against wear, moisture, and UV damage, ensuring your handmade wood furniture remains not only visually stunning but also durable for years to come.

Browse our standard collection below, or request a custom paint.

Materials Paints Stains


Our material is harvested from Canadian forests and purchased directly from Canadian-owned mills and lumberyards. These partners use sustainable forestry practices and value the importance of the Canadian forestry industry.

Strong, beautiful, and warm. Canadian maple wood is known for its rich color that ranges from pale cream to reddish-brown.

Ambrosia Maple

Versatile, durable, and contemporary. This species of wood is known for its light color, straight grain, and fine texture, making it an excellent choice for furniture in any area of the home.


Pale, flexible, and attractive. Canadian ash wood is known for its distinctive grain pattern, which ranges from straight to wavy.


Red-hued, highly prized, gorgeous. Canadian cherry wood is known for its reddish-brown color that deepens with age and exposure to light, as well as its characteristic grain.


Known for its hardness and durability, Canadian maple lumber exudes warmth and character whether bare or coated with your favourite finish.


Bright, airy, and inviting. Canadian pine wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. The straight grain pattern adds a simple and elegant touch to any design.


Rich, dark, and luxurious. Canadian walnut wood’s dark chocolate brown color with hints of purplish hues creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.


Creamy, amber, and elegant. Canadian white oak wood's prominent grain adds a touch of sophistication to any piece and harmonizes with most decor styles.

White Oak


Paints provide an opaque and colourful finish, allowing you to express your creativity through our array of shades and hues. Paints provide a sleek, modern look, making them a popular choice for contemporary and eclectic furniture styles.

All of our paints are Benjamin Moore, finished with a matte sheen and a 10 degree gloss.

A sleek, elemental black with a slightly cool cast.


The slightest hint of warmth makes this clean, crisp white a favourite to use anywhere in the home.


A use-anywhere shade of navy with a classic maritime feel.


A sunny amber hue that infuses a space with wit and sophistication. 


A versatile medium green with a cool gray cast.


A deep, understated red that can be used in everyday spaces, as well as those reserved for special occasions.


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Paints with Wear

These paint styles are painstakingly worn by hand to mimic a true antique wear. We focus on points where wear would naturally occur over time, strategically working on high-use areas such as the seating and legs. The result is a beautifully weathered, aged look.

Weathered Black

Weathered White

Weathered Navy

Weathered Yellow

Weathered Sage

Weathered Red

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Stains enhance the natural beauty of wood by deeply penetrating the grain and adding rich, translucent color. All of our stains are custom formulas mixed to order at our workshop in Vaughan, Ontario.

If you're looking for something outside of our standard offerings below, let us know, we'll work with you to craft your perfect piece.

Preserve the natural beauty of wood by adding a protective, transparent layer that enhances the grain and colour.


Impart a charming, weathered appearance by gently lightening the wood grain and creating a rustic, vintage-inspired look.

White Wash

A warm, medium-toned hue to, creating a timeless appearance that complements a wide range of interior design styles.


Infuses a rich brown color, providing a sophisticated, earthy aesthetic to furniture and surfaces.

Williams Pine

Enhances the wood with a warm, golden-brown tone, evoking a sense of coziness and elegance.

Honey Walnut

Adds a dark, smoky hue, resulting in a dramatic and elegant finish that highlights the wood's intricate grain patterns.

Fumed Oak

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