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Keeping the art of woodcraft alive.


We are craftspeople. We create fine solid wood furniture using quality materials and time-honoured techniques passed down from woodworking masters.

Our history

Windsor Workshop was born from a curiosity and appreciation for fine wood furniture. Our Founder, Matty Grossman, began the shop by crafting windsor chairs in his basement with a drawknife, spokeshave, and a vision to restore the forgotten art behind furniture making.

Carrying on with this vision TJ Edmondson bought Windsor Workshop in 2021 and continues to build on Matty’s work with our craftspeople designing and fabricating some of the finest furniture on the market including our namesake Windsor chairs and expanding Windsor’s Signature Collection.

Over the past 40+ years of business, we have grown into one of North America’s most respected chairmakers and custom furniture shops.

Our philosophy

Using sustainably harvested Canadian lumber and traditional joinery, we create our pieces by hand, celebrating and honouring each piece of lumber's natural beauty and unique character. 

As woodworkers, we understand the importance of responsibly stewarding the natural resources we harvest to create our art. This is why we married modern woodworking with 18th-century techniques, allowing us to craft products using traditional methods with a zero-waste focus.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Our customers

We create for connoisseurs of locally made, high-quality furniture. Our customers confidently choose our work, knowing that each piece they invest in will stand the test of time.

If you have grown tired of living in a world overtaken by cheap, mass-produced, low-quality furniture, we are your panacea.

Visit our workshop

371 Bradwick Dr #6 & #7
Concord, ON L4K 2P4 Canada

Mon to Thu, 10am–9pm
Friday, 10am – 3pm
Saturday, by appt only
Sunday, closed